You are AMAZING - Handmade Card

Amazing Color: Cardinal
Sale price$4.95


When you want to remind someone how Amazing they are, why not say it in this fun maze card. Thrill a child or the child in all of us. Many vibrant color options available.

Can find the way thru the maze?


Category: Encouragement, Thinking of You, Gratitude, Congratulations, Love, Hello, Birthday, Anytime

A&a card line presented by 24sevenMaker

Folded Card measures 4 1/4’’ x 5 1/2’’

Blank inside for your personal sentiment to recipient

Envelope included

Elements may include cardstock, kraft paper, fabric, yarn, ribbon, gems, stones, hardware, glitter, sequins, foam 

Each card comes protected in a individual crystal clear sealed bag

Each card is individually made by hand, rarely will two be exact replicas

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