Our Favorite Tools for Packaging not sold on SparkleCityLV


We LOVE Tools that help make packaging easier!

Here are some of our favorite products.

Double Stick Craft Tape*
We Love using double stick craft tape to assemble packaging items like our Printables…Gnomes and Belly Bands*


Sticklers Glitter Glue*
This Glitter Glue is our favorite because it adds just the right amount of sparkle to your packages. Important Tip…Make Sure to let your Glitter Glue dry all the way before delivering! Give it a little extra time than you might think you need.*



Tracing Light Pad
A light pad is great tool for lots of things…but we really love it to line up our products when using our printables.*

High End

 Low End



Paper Trimmers

Guillotine Style - This style has a swinging arm and is great for cutting multiple pages at one time.*

 Slide Style - This style is great for super precision!*


Cordless/Corded Glue Gun
We love our Cordless Glue Gun. This is our favorite Glue Gun because it has a detail tip which makes it easy to get the hot glue exactly where you need it!

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