The NEW Sparkle City Academy!

Introducing the NEW Sparkly City Academy!

Not only do we love to provide you with printed goodies… But we want to help make your business better! Introducing the NEW Sparkle City Academy also known as SCA! The NEW Sparkle City Academy will feature workshops, some paid and some free, to help you grow your business. We want to empower other entrepreneurs to rock their businesses by providing awesome workshops!

The first workshop will be held on September 18 at 10 AM Pacific time. This workshop will be for all of those who want to elevate their gift packaging game! Our gift mastery virtual workshop will include a kit full of goodies that we will be using during the workshop. You will gain access to an exclusive group that will be available thru December 2021 to help you succeed. Registration opens August 10th and spots are limited.

We can’t wait for all of you to be part of our New Sparkle City Academy!